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XP2 GPS Quadcopter with Spektrum DX8 and 3 axis gimbal


Build Your XP2 or XPX Quadcopter


Build your XP2 or XPX for your needs

We have put this page together for those who wish to 'pick and choose' components for their multirotor build. Maybe you are a seasoned pilot and already have a radio or maybe you want to take on the build your self? Simply answer the questions above, configure your frame, motors, flight controller, radio, batteries and accessories and add them to the cart to see how much the build will be. 

All builds typically take 2-3 business days to assemble, test fly and ship out. If you have any questions about the options please do not hesitate to call us and we can help guide you in the right direction. 


Disclaimer - This is not a toy. The XP2 Quadcopter is a serious professional video capturing device. The props are sharp and can cut fingers off and can cause serious injury to you or people around you. Multirotors can also cause serious damage to property as well. Anybody flying the XP2 Quadcopter or any multirotor RC unit are held liable for any damage they may cause while flying. Do not take this lightly and make sure you are ready to fly before you attempt any movement. We recommend anyone who plans to pilot any RC unit first learn to fly on a a flight simulator like "Real Flight Basic".

Please read our FAQ section and our Free Online Training which includes videos like the Quick Start Video below. If you have any questions you cannot find an answer for, feel free to contact us.

Just Learning How to Fly?

Flight Simulator - Real Flight Basic - Learning How to Fly
Multirotor Vocabulary and Jargon
First Flight - XP2 Quadcopter Without GPS


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