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Aerial video and photography is now available to every filmmaker and photographer thanks to XProHeli’s XP2 Quadcopter. The XP2 is a RTF (ready to fly) multirotor platform capable of lifting recording devices like the GoPro, Sony Nex-5 or other lightweight cameras.

Helicopters and expensive productions shoots are a thing of the past with a multirotor in your bag of tricks.

In need of a Quadcopter with GPS, FPV (first person video), extra batteries, props, frames, parts, etc? We've got you covered!

Coming from a production background of our own, we know the Free Training Videos and Support will be appreciated. Give us a call or email and we'll do everything we can to help.


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The XP2 Quadcopter is the most powerful, lightest, and stable quadcopter for aerial video. The size and portability of the XP2 allows you to quickly transport, fly, and capture amazing aerial videos and photos almost anywhere. For as exciting as this is to all of us, we must take a moment with a Public Service Announcement about multirotors and radio controlled aircraft.

There have been several incidences of people throughout the world seriously injured by RC Helicopters (even some deaths!).
The XP2 Quadcopter is a professional grade machine and not a toy. People under the age of 18 years old should not operate any multirotor unless supervised by an experienced adult. The props on the XP2 are sharp and can cause serious damage to people and property.
Never fly around people who are unaware of the damage these devices can cause.

Okay, that should be enough of a PSA for now, but be forewarned that you will hear it many times from us about the dangers of multirotors for we just can't promote safety enough. Now jump back to our videos and the videos of our clients and let them inspire your imagination for what can be possible when you add aerial footage to your edits with something like the XP2 Quadcopter.